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Begabati LennihanBegabati Lennihan, RN, CCH (Certified Classical Homeopath) has been meditating under the guidance of Sri Chinmoy since 1973, when she first met him as a senior at Harvard. Begabati grew up planning to become a doctor like her father, but she developed a pioneering interest in natural healing in the early 70s and upon graduation opened a health food store instead. For many years she ran her health food store, first in Boston and then in Cambridge, as a much-loved community gathering place and a venue for her meditation classes.

More recently she has opened a practice as a homeopath and natural health consultant (GreenHealing), now located at the Lydian Center for Innovative Healthcare near Fresh Pond in Cambridge. Begabati has written several books about natural healing (Your Natural Medicine Cabinet, Cough Cures, and A Healer In Every Home for Dogs and Cats), under her middle name, Burke.

For more than 20 years Begabati has been offering free meditation classes for the Harvard community through Harvard’s Center for Wellness. Inspired by Sri Chinmoy’s promotion of marathon running as a metaphor for the spiritual journey, she has completed 50 marathons, ultramarathons and triathlons.

Ganapati with Liberian President Ellen Sirleaf Johnson

Ganapati J. Coleman, Ph.D. became a student of Sri Chinmoy in 1974 and joined the Boston Sri Chinmoy Centre while studying Electrical Engineering at Harvard in the mid-70s. He then transferred to the Providence (RI) Sri Chinmoy Centre while earning his masters and doctorate at Brown University in biomedical engineering and electrical engineering respectively.

Born in Monrovia, Liberia, Ganapati has maintained an ongoing interest in Centre projects in Africa since the first Peace Run there in 1987. He has developed a special presentation for meditation classes on the nonviolent training that the early leaders of the civil rights movement received while living with Gandhi in India (including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)

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Other Activities

Kamal Sabri, virtuoso sarangi player

Music of Paradise is an annual free concert of meditative music performed by professional musicians who are students and friends of Sri Chinmoy. Our most recent concert featured Maestro Kamal Sabri from India, a virtuoso on the sarangi, and Premik Russell Tubbs, a virtuoso flute and sax player who has accompanied some of the top jazz and pop musicians of our era.

Meditation, Music & Mantra is a monthly free program in which participants can dive deep into the meditation experience by chanting and singing along with Sanskrit, Bengali and English songs/chants. The music creates a deep resonance in the heart for newcomers and experienced meditators alike.

Humanitarian activities: Members of the Boston Sri Chinmoy Centre are also involved with humanitarian activities, like collecting gifts for Mother Theresa’s Sisters of Charity to give to homeless children at Christmastime.